Sunday, May 8, 2011

What My Students Learned This Semester

Taking inspiration from Jo(e), I passed out index cards and asked my students to write down one thing they learned in class this semester.  These are the anonymous responses I received in the order in which I received them.

I learned how to think more objectively when dealing with an issue or concept.

I learned that anyone can interpret theories and come to a conclusion whether it's love, pain, or rape.

What a Prezi is and how to do one.  I hate PowerPoints and so I'm excited to use something else in the future.

I learned how powerful language can be.  Sticks and stones can break your bones, but maybe words CAN hurt you.

I learned I hate classical rhetoric.  Also, I learned and now love Prezi.

I learned that "rhetoric" (as almost all things, like pain or love) is undefinable and therefore extremely interesting to learn about.

Through observation, an example of an excellent, thoughtful, and flexible teacher who is adept at guiding students through difficult assignments in a way that allows them to achieve their highest level of success.

I learned that I'm going to really miss having you as an RPW teacher next year.

I learned that I might, perhaps, probably a good writer, and reading theorists and rhetoricians challenged me academically and as a writer.

I learned that visual rhetoric is a lot more fun than writing a paper (and potentially more effective).

The more explanation the better!

I learned that classical Greek rhetoric isn't boring to read (I liked it, especially Gorgias).

I learned that there are teachers out there that don't go by the book.  There are great professors who like to have fun and dress in togas.  And I learned much of ancient Greek sophists and Platonists, duh.

I learned how to form arguments and really support and develop them.

I learned so much about the technical side of my creative writing major.  I feel like I can dig deeper and look at the persuassive aspects of my writing.

I had never even heard of the Sophists before I came to this class.  It was great to focus on a much lesser known group and go in-depth with them.  My philosophy class didn't even teach me about it.  Classical rhetoric is probably my favorite unit.

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